Behind the wheel.

It goes without saying if you are considering entrusting us with the transport of your celebration, we should get to know one another first.

Meet Diego and Rocco. Brothers, best mates and owners of Jaguars with Grace.

Diego and Rocco’s passion for all things mechanical began at a very young age.

Born into a family with a passion for classic vehicles, their biggest influence and role model as vehicle enthusiasts was their father, who was an experienced and passionate wedding chauffeur driver.

A chip off the old block, the boys followed their family lead and extended their passion for classic vehicles into the business realm.

Diego and Rocco, along with their respective life partners, Eleni and Stacey, are the passionate and dedicated owners of Jaguars with Grace since 2012.

Leading the way towards tying your love knot, the ladies are there to guide and assist with all things planning while the lads ensure a warm, seamless journey.

With years of experience on the dial and a love for romance, the collaboration that makes Jaguars with Grace encompasses the heart and soul of a genuine small business.

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